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Perfect Touch. 3th Anniversary

submerse - No Continues Kid
(Kafuka Remix) (Awake - Project: Mooncircle, 2016)

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Polyhedron - kafuka

2016.02.26 Release [SRDL054]  ( iTunes / Apple Music )  by shrine.jp

Peace of Mind

9 Track Compilation 2015.07.17 Release
Totebag+Digital / Digital (Bandcamp) ¥2000/$20   Digital (iTunes) ¥/$
by Perfect Touch


2016.08.18 (Thu.) @Shinsaibashi CONPASS
OPEN 18:00 | Adv/ 2000yen Door/ 2500yen +1drink
"世紀末 其の八"
Mark Van Hoen/ Metome/ Kafuka/ VMO/ DJ hOLysHiT/ ...andmore

2016.09.04 (Sun.) @Circus Osaka
OPEN 20:00 | ------
"Perfect Touch | Sunday Live Sessions"
GUEST - Jacob 2-2 (NYC) / Pivovar (NYC) -
[Live] And Vice Versa, Erik Luebs, Kafuka, Metome
[Dj] mightwhales [Vj] Ikeguchi Takayoshi

2016.09.10 (Sat.) @Compufunk Records
START 22:00 | 2000yen +1Drink
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Sense of Space

Sense Of Space(SOS) is a musical performance work enables communication between an artist and audiences. An artist controls sounds in audiences' iPhone within the musical performances by using high frequency sound IDs.

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